welcome to DAR SWIM CLUB Tanzania

Dar Swim Club is happy to invite people to its programs through registration process. To become our member just contact the Club General Secretary, Inviolata Itatiro through: inviolata.itatiro@darswimclub.co.tz, or +255 754 461 080 or visit our office at Plot 1335-1326 Transit Supermarket Road, Masaki (off Chole Road) Dar es Salaam Tanzania


We are excited to welcome you to Dar Swimming Club, that consists of a strong group of highly motivated coaches who are ready to provide you with the best swimming experience ......

Swimming Levels

Dar Swim Club swimmers are enrolled into class levels consistent with their skills,abilities and experience. Level skills set allows each swimmer to learn the following skills


Swimming Time Table

After registering, members are given schedules for swimming classes, the time table is available in PDF document for download...


Our Partners

Hamilton Acquatics

The Hamilton Aquatics rooted in Dubai has been our partner since 2015. They have, till now, conducted two exciting Swimming Clinics. The first was in April 2015 and the second in July 2016. All these clinics were conducted in Dar es Salaam Tanzania and thousands of swimmers acquired swimming skills and experiences from Hamilton Acquatics International Coaches

Building of International Standard Swimming Pool

Hamilton Acquatics has agreed with us to build, in Dar es Salaam Tanzania, the Classic and International standard Swimming pool as part of their partnership with Dar Swim club