Dar Swim Club (DSC) is amongst one of the largest swimming clubs in Dar es Salaam. It was officially registered under the Tanzania National Sports Council on August 24th 2007 with registration Number NSC 8923

The primary objective of Dar Swim Club (DSC) is to provide coaching and guidance to Development Age Group and Young Athletes so they become strong, well-rounded swimmers who can also compete at all levels


  • One of the objectives of DSC is to promote swimming by teaching Tanzanian and Foreign Kids.
  • Develop the knowledge of swimming skills, lifesaving skills in the community.
  • Enhance self-confidence and social interaction among the swimmers.
  • To improve the swimming skills that students have acquired by Developing skills and talents.
  • Have a "dream team" which will eventually participate in the swimming Olympics.
  • Participate in international competitions.



Our mission is to promote swimming in Tanzania. We want every child to be a swimmer.


Slogan: We Care to swim and bringing the youth together through sports.
Target: Young and older kids. We are building skills from a young age


Our Club aims at providing these values to their members; Team work, Trust, Fun, Discipline, Training and development, Quality service, Sportsmanship, Respect, Tolerance and Gender equity.

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